“Acoustic guitar: Check. Storytelling: Check.  A wild imagination: Check. Meet Dylan Galvin, a songwriter who will pull you into vivid worlds of human experience from nervous first dates to romantic food fights to the Garden of Eden.”

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THE DAILY VAULT – “Dylan delivers music from the heart, dynamic, authentic, and invariably engaging”

MUSIC BOX PETE (CBS Nominated Blog) – 
“Equal parts brilliant and stratospheric”

“Galvin…brought down the house”


Dylan Galvin is a melodic pop-folk songwriter who likes to add a touch of quirkiness and a dash of philosophy to his emotionally based music.  He was personally contacted by the legendary Paul Simon to meet up for a private songwriting session when he was attending Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA.  Since getting is degree in music, he packed everything he owned into his car and toured the US, he was featured on some of the biggest music blogs in the country, such as “Kings of A&R“, “Alternative Addiction” and “The Daily Vault“, and has won numerous awards for his songwriting, guitar playing and performing.

He’s been described as a “a carefree, natural spirit that really attracts you the moment you begin to listen to him.” If you are a fan of singer/songwriters such as John Mayer, Paul Simon, Paulo Nutini, Sufjan Stevens, James Taylor, Matt Nathanson, Passenger or Jason Mraz, you’ll love listening to Dylan Galvin.  He’s a sucker for nostalgia, the emotional effects of relationships, the human condition and always is bouncing back and forth between his inner optimist and his inner pessimist.  This balance is very evident in his lyrically rich, story-based songwriting. He makes every effort to share his own life through his music with people earnestly and openly from the deeply personal to the strange and abstract.

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