The Archives – The Lyric Book “The Man Who Will Be Holding Her Tonight”

This song I never released or recorded. It is a deeply personal one I wrote during a very hard period of a past relationship where I knew that the girl I was with was going to go and find someone else and I knew she had every right to.  I didn’t have much of a process for this one, it all came so quickly, it was pretty much “as-is” as I wrote it.


“The Man Who Will Be Holding Her Tonight” 

Every time that she left she told me she missed me
(post it notes on everything that I owned)
Kisses just because, she loved what I was

She gave me her heart, she gave me her soul
She gave me half of the world making me smile
and then gave me a little bit more
No obstacle would hold her
No distance too far
If she had too, she’d drive all night
She couldn’t wait for me to be
the man who will be holding her tonight

Maybe because I’m scared to love someone again
I’ve loved and lost and sure deterred from round two
Like a house in foreclosure, I was all boarded up
So I (my heart) couldn’t possibly be used

She gave me all the tell tale signs
Of someone who’s in love
And willing to never leave my side
and always gave assurance I’m
The man who will be holding her tonight

and as I woke up

And she’ll never forgive me for sharing myself
The bottle of jack told me it would be alright
It’s no fault but my own that I’m not
The man who will be holding her tonight