“One of the most exciting and talented performers in the Maryland and DC area. His soulful, somewhat bluesy style not only works for his own songs, but puts a fresh spin on classic covers as well.”
– Dee Jay Gude, SOMD online –

Hi I’m Dylan

In 1984 my dad was in a rock band. They were gaining steam fast. Extreme opened for them (Yes, the guys that sing “More Than Words”). In 1985, at the height of their success, my dad shelved his rock-and-roll dream to be my dad. The change of pace didn’t keep he and his instrument apart. Little did he know, those late nights of strumming his guitar and singing songs of social change, stories of love and adventure, that his curly-headed, bathrobe-clad three year old was curiously listening in awe from the hallway, wondering what all those stories meant.

During my adolescent years my parents divorced. I struggled with depression, anxiety and soon found myself the subject of relentless bullying. To escape the chaos, I would find myself reminiscing of those nights listening to my dad play music; the guitar became my form of therapy, my identity and my form of self-expression. His love for music was passed on to me. You won’t find me anywhere without my guitar over my shoulder. I have since earned a degree in songwriting from Berklee College of Music, worked personally with Paul Simon, won numerous songwriting competitions, and opened for nationally touring acts.

Music is not just a means of entertainment for me, it is a way of communicating and delivering a message with meaning. Every day I work to personally connect and share my message with people like you. Our world is in desperate need of of meaning, truth, love and art. I want people to be able to experience the joy of stories like the ones that intrigued my young mind into the world of music. I’d love for you to come along. If you join my email list on the home page of my website, my first gift to you will be a free song I wrote called “History”. Let our story begin…

See you soon.

– Dylan –