Singer Songwriter Genre

Have you ever wondered what exactly the singer/songwriter genre sounds like specifically? Do you have a band or know and artist and would like to know what genre they belong to?

The genre itself has grown considerably in the past decade but if you’re looking for an example of a few different modern acoustic singer songwriters check out this list:

If you’re wanting a more more thorough rundown of genres, this could be quite possibly the best and coolest website for finding a genre on the entire internet. It’s called “Every Noise at Once” and it is an interactive genre map. Use it exactly like a colorwheel – just go the area you are interested in and start clicking on the words. Each word is a genre and will begin playing music from that genre. You can keep playing songs until you get a feel for the way it sounds and move on.  It not only has a ton of artists within the singer songwriter genre but every type of singer songwriter sub-genre:

folk, folk-rock, mellow gold, folk-pop, album rock, indie folk, stomp and holler, indie pop, neo-mellow (this genre you’re probably familiar with neo-mellow, just think Jason Mraz, John Mayer, Colbie Callait, Jack Johnson).




If you’re a fan of acoustic singer/songwriter music, get a free download of up and coming acoustic songwriter, Dylan Galvin.  Go here and click download

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