I Want to Give You an ENTIRE Album's
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You'll get five days of songs about nostalgia, heartbreak, philosophy, faith, and the true and very personal stories behind them. 

Only available for a limited time and through this page ONLY!

"What appeals the most is

the honesty of these songs"


(National Music Blog)  

I'm an independent artist, which means I can make art I find meaningful, not music I'm forced to create to fit label standards.  

I'm fed up with the mainstream music industry.  It's pompous, shallow and paints unrealistic portraits of how we should feel, think and act.   My music is for people who aren't always the party hopping trend hunters.  We're a little weird and that's ok. 

It's actually me and not a management team communicating with you.  You can actually contact me directly to give me your thoughts on a song or just say hi at any time! 


 Music is the path God has made for me while I'm here on earth.  When I was not even 2 years old, my dad, who was a guitarist and a singer himself,  would play his old records on the stereo while I would dance along in my bathrobe to his Bruce Springsteen, Beatles and Bob Dylan Albums. Sometimes he would make up these funny songs and my brother and I would jump up and down on the bed while he played and sang.  Years later in high school I finally picked up a guitar myself, started spending hours in my room exploring the beauty of music and ended up nervously singing John Mayer's "No Such Thing" at my graduation, I really knew I was going to spend the rest of my life playing music.  

Since then, I've gotten a degree in music and I've been following in his footsteps as a musician for many years, traveling the U.S. playing my music to people like just like you, whether it's festivals of thousands or candle-lit rooms of 10.  I've shared time with Paul Simon and John Mayer and I've been featured on some of  biggest music blogs in the country, such as "PASTE", ""Kings of A&R", "Alternative Addiction" and "The Daily Vault".  

Enter you. You stumbled across this page on the internet because I intentionally wanted to get this page in front of you.  Something about you intrigued me to show you this. This is because you have musical tastes that aren't always the newest pop stars and trends and you aren't the type who looks at things at face value. You like to look a little deeper into things.  You are a little more patient and observant than the average person. You like good lyrics and well-told stories.  That why I invited you, and not everyone else, to see this page.  

I think the last few decades of mainstream music have been...well, to put it light; disappointing.  I'm pretty sure you've noticed this too.  It's like nobody cares about lyrics anymore and songs tend to be really watered down and trite.  Of course it's not all songs, but it's too many not to notice.

I could play the game and try to fight my way into the doors of a major label to try and have a huge career and play for sold-out stadiums for millions of people, be on billboards and top 40's charts.  But honestly, if I was one of the few who actually made it, I'd sign away my rights and creative control.  I would have no direct contact with the people who actually are the most important; the fans (a.k.a. YOU).  I'd be separated from you with a wall of managers, PR people and there'd be very little real connection.  I don't want that.  I want to hear your thoughts and ideas and stories, that's WHY I DO THIS.  

So, I want to invite you to come along on a five day journey with me, to share my songs, thoughts and life with you in a way that would never happen if I went the traditional route.  So get a good coffee (if you like coffee...I certainly do..trust me, you'll find out sooner or later) and a nice set of headphones and let's start our story.  

"Equal parts brilliant and stratospheric"

-​Music Box Pete 

(CBS Nominated Music Blog)  

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