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The Most Beautiful Chord in the World by Dylan Galvin

One fine afternoon whilst I was playing my lute (acoustic guitar) the desire to play the most beautiful chord in the world overtook me. I searched high and low….and behold. I finally found exactly what I was looking for.

Use this chord next time you are at an open mic night, gigging at a casino, bar or restaurant and when someone requests: Freebird, Sweet Caroline, or something by Florida Georgia Line, you just play this instead and they will be leveled by it’s beauty and rendered unable to request anything else but whatever you’d like to play for the remainder of the night.

  • Can only play this chord while in optimal health
  • Chord may destroy small birds and/or woodland creatures that are within earshot
  • Playing this chord in public will result in people requesting to marry you
  • Requires both picking hand and fretting hand to play
  • A choir of angelic voices will accompany all who discover this chord
  • Playing this chord during Nickelback concert may open wormhole and destroy the fabric of spacetime
  • Chord will instantly download knowledge of classical, jazz, orchestral, romantic, and all higher forms of music directly into the mind of the musician
  • You will instantly gain 1000 true fans by playing this chord, and then they will all die from hearing it’s beauty