The Archives – The Lyric Book “Deliver Us”

This is a song I never officially finished or recorded.  It’s about the hopelessness of hoping for something to change your situation but not knowing how you are going to be able to.  You leave your circumstances up to really heartfelt prayer and hope God will resolve fix it or help you move on.

“Deliver Us” Rough Draft Ideas

We could say blame it on the circumstance (distance)
or claim it’s just not in the cards  (trying to think outside the box)
But while we’re sitting here waiting for something to deliver us
It might be that no one’s running route
(That daredevil is long overdue)

Pointing blame on the circumstances
Sitting here waiting for someone (something) to deliver us
Praying someones running route
(praying we’re both getting of at the next stop)

I lay in bed
I stand in line
I give you the required amount of time

Are we ever going to get out of here together?
Are the prayers going anywhere at all?
Is someone even running route?
(Hoping the angels are running route)

Hills and turns
Brakes and bumps
at every location
Sliding around
The floor in (the) back
Awaiting our destination

(Object Write) – Delivery
A fervent, hurried knock at the door. My brother and I sprint out of our bedrooms down the impossibly long hallway, hearts pumping adrenaline and curiousity. The metal innards of the door handle shift and click. A giant of a man stands energetically holding a brown box. Snatching it with the fury of hyenas on a wounded carcass we slam the door. The shifting and scuffling of the box like a carboard timpani is the music we waited for all year. Ripping apart the reluctant slick tape and exposing the the packages ribs Faint plastics and chemical smells of newly packages GI Joes, like freshly backed synthetic alien cookies, full of love and joy

– frantically pedaling home fast in the dark
– playing on my bed to be accepted at school