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The album cover art process.

So I went through a company called “Discmasters” to have my album cover art done and I they did a great job.  It was a little more tedious than I thought to get to the end product, but here’s how it went from having a couple photos to the finished cover.


Discmasters, “So can you send us a couple pictures so we can start drafting up ideas”?

Me: Hokay. Here you go.  My girlfriend at the time took this of me playing in her apartment on Boyleston Street in Boston, MA.

and here’s my bandmates and I enjoying a sit on Mass Ave, Boston MA.

Me: Can you draw a skyline of Boston to integrate into the album artwork…..

The first set of album cover ideas came back like this:


and this….


Me: Can you guys add a little more texture to the photo of me and the guitar…oh yeah and my name is DYLAN not DAVID.



And here’s the first draft of using the skyline sketch….



Me: I think I like the photo of me and the guitar, can you guys do something else with that?



Me: can you change the font to something a little more streamline…and add a turquoise?


Ok, so now can we add the skyline to the photo somehow? and maybe mess with another font, just for fun? Oh yeah and my name is STILL not DAVID.


Awesome.  I think this is it!

Isn’t it interesting to see how an idea morphs and evolves over time to become the finished product?