The Archives – The Lyric Book “The Chesapeake”


This is my handwritten entry for “The Chesapeake”, a song dedicated to a lifetime of of growing up on the Chesapeake Bay in Southern Maryland.  There is a little ambiguity left for the listener to decide whether the song is about the actual Chesapeake Bay or a person who you met on the bay.  I left it open because I know for some, only home has that special spot in your heart that you retreat to when you are down and for others only a person deeply loved is home to them.


Object write:

Tiny waves lapping the shoreline. I dig frantically for those little hard candied treasures known as “sand crabs”. My hair is bleached platinum from an unobstructed sun. My small smooth body is tanned dark as smoothed maple. The gulls hoot overhead, as my fingernails gouge the wet, rough sand, scraping and gurgling like the first few sips of a slushie. The crisp of the ocean waves smells like a freshly salted steak. The sand sprinkled with speckles of orange and white, tiny worthless gems in a thick flavorless pudding. The sweat beads grow exhausted and surrender, a free fall down my round, oversized face, a flare of citrus, bitter and salt. I pull out huge clumps of gritty wet shoreline my feet securely anchored from the constant bombardment of infant waves that delicately attempt to destroy my hard work.


worthless gems / embroidery / sundial
waves wearing on the shore / ornament / timepiece
rapture of a sunset / pearl
an organic living clock / stone / hourglass
melted glass

The Chesapeake (version 1)

A little southern girl wore a frown
As she watched the tired sun go down
By the shoreline in a little town
On the Chesapeake

The city called him center stage
And suits had offered handsome pay
It’d be easy to forget his days
On the Chesapeake

A one way road aimed far away from home
Off to find his one and only love
He put his guitar in it’s case
And boarded on a northbound train
She became his memory’s matinee
On the Chesapeake

He played to the audiences delight
Under neon signs and sterile lights
Nothing like the southern starry nights
On the Chesapeake

She tried to find solstice on her farm
And comfort inside other’s arms
But it was never quite as warm
On the Chesapeake

A one way road aimed far away from home
Half a world away form his only love

He spends his days writing songs
In an iron cage one contract long
Knowing that his heart belongs
On the Chesapeake

The Chesapeake (version 2)

I could see your Southern smile, just a frown
As you watched a tired sun go down
On the coast, alone beside a town
On the Chesapeake

The big bad city called me center stage
I boarded on a Northbound train
Left a hopeful romance foldaway
On the Chesapeake

The one way road I trusted so much
Led me straight from the only thing I love
With every song I write I miss
Reliving moment’s satin bliss
Under stars that envied as we kissed
On the Chesapeake

The Chesapeake (final version)


The murky waves tickling the ground
The orange sky when the sun goes down
The innocence I lost and the friends I had found
Oh, the Chesapeake

The never ending city’s pulse
The window of a shuttle bus
I swear this won’t be the end of us
Oh, the Chesapeake

I’ve been rearranging everything I own
To try and make it feel just a little more like home
The night we went to see a full eclipse
The first time my heart had ever skipped
Under stars that envied as we kissed
Oh, the Chesapeake

Don’t grow up
Don’t grow old
Near those streams and water holes
Where the kids play along the shore