The Archives – The Lyric Book “Happy Valentines Day”

Every now and then you need an innocent what-you-see is what-you-get type of song and this one’s it.  Happy birthday has already been written and copyrighted but Valentine’s Day…..that one was still up for grabs.

Happy Valentines Day – Final Version

I wish I could be there to hold you and kiss you
But I’m here in my bedroom and I really miss you
If only you were less than three hundred miles away

I bet you were thinking I completely forgot (it slipped my mind)
and I kinda did so I wrote this song on the spot (so I worked all day on this melody line)

So considering the distance, my mental inconsistence
I think this is the best way
Baby, baby, baby, baby, happy valentines day

Bout this time tomorrow when you come to my show
I’ll yell there is my baby, I’ll let everyone know
We’ll make the whole bar disgusted by our obscene P.D.A

I’ll make up for the fact that you’re not knee deep in flowers
A full body rub down, some wine in the shower
(I’m no good at) Despite my poor planning, (I don’t dance like) my lack of looking link Channing

Just let me say
Baby, baby, baby, baby, happy valentines day