The Archives – The Lyric Book Preface (Read First)

Ok, so you’re in!  Welcome to my lyric book.  This is an in depth look at my writing process, song brainstorming, revision, rhyme ideas and notes about the music I create.  It is set up like this:


Audio Player – plays a version of the song you can listen to to hear what the song sounds like

Song Preface – an introduction about the song, with some important details like what inspired it or the story behind the character in the song

Lyric Book Page –  a photo of the actual page from my lyric book (if this section is not here, it’s because I crafted this entire song from my computer rather than my songwriters notebook)

Typed Page – a typed version of the page from my lyric book (my handwriting is actually so bad I once had an English teacher in college say this to me after class verbatim: “Dylan…..I have been a teacher here for over 30 years.  I have seen thousands of different types of handwriting.  In fact, sometimes on the weekends I go to the library and I transcribe ancient handwritten cuneform (cuneform is an ancient system of writing used in Persia and Assyria where scribes would use crude tools to stab hard to read symbols into clay tablets) and you know what?  I STILL cannot read a word of what you wrote, so can you please type these from now on?”

So I present typed options of what is on each page in this section so you actually can know what I wrote.   The typed version will not only have lyrics to the song, but sometimes rhyme ideas I was bouncing around in my head, alternative verses or words (usually put in parentheses).  This will often have several versions of the song so you can see how many revisions/versions it took to get the final product.

The Final Version – The most completed version that currently exists of that particular song (sometimes it’s still not finished and sometimes….I will revisit these and finish them in the future so keep an eye out for those changes).

Audio Player – After all your reading of the different versions and this is the same audio as the first audio player on this page but this is put with the final lyrics so you can follow along as you listen.  I have found this makes you listen to a song very differently when you have the lyrics in front of you.

Extras –  Sometimes on these pages you’ll see something called an “object write“.  This is a writing exercise I learned at Berklee College of Music.  You take a word and you write about for a few minutes.  Let’s say you picked “daffodil”, you would go back to a memory you have about daffodils or the closest thing you’ve experienced and begin writing about how the memory you are creating around “daffodil” looks, tastes, smells, feels and sounds.  Are there birds chirping?  Are you sitting or standing?  Are you happy, tired, anxious, content in this memory? The goal is to paint a picture with words and give yourself a palette to draw from for your song lyrics.  Sometimes the object write has nothing to do with the story of the song but simply helps craft metaphorical content for the song.