The Archives – The Secret Song List


Original Songs

“A Prettier Dress” – Lyrics – Download


“The Chesapeake” – LyricsDownload


“Cityfolk” – LyricsDownload


“Dropping a Porcelain Heart” – LyricsDownload


“Keystone” – Lyrics – Download


“Pyramid Scheme” – Lyrics Download


“Screws Loose” – LyricsDownload


“Tire Swing” – LyricsDownload


“The End of the World” – Lyrics – Download


Cover Songs


“Copperline” – James Taylor


“Stressed Out” – 21 Pilots – Video


“Sunday Morning” – Maroon 5


“Use Me” – Bill Withers


“Walk Like an Egyptian” – The Bengals


Road Therapy

(The album made for driving to)


“Walter White’s Lullabye” – DownloadVideo

“Turn Hugger” – Download


“The Sterling Silver Lining” – Download


“Edgy” – Download


“Style” – Taylor Swift Cover (instrumental)- Download




Blue Room – Download


The Language of Trees –Download




Backseat Lullabye – Download


Digital Beats – Download


Wubba Wubba – Download


Satchel of Loops – Download


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