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This song was written in during a time of really intense emotion. I was at the tail end of a relationship that I felt wasn’t going to work out and I wanted to write a song where the character would get a second chance I knew I probably would not. This song is about doing everything in your power to appreciate when you’ve been given a second chance. This song became a special one for me because it was the first really emotional song I had ever written when I was attending Berklee College of Music and I decided to enter it into the Annual Berklee Songwriting Competition and won. Scroll down below the lyrics and the audio player and I included the actual judges scorecards I got on this song and their comments and suggestions. The scores are based out of 25 so I was pretty happy with this one, especially considering it was really the first emotionally intense song I’d written.


Will of a Fisherman

Words crash like waves on the shore
I should have said so much more
The sea can add years to a night
When you’re miles away from the light

I will try
To make things right

But this hole in the side of the boat that I ride
Seems to be telling me this
That I won’t make it home and ill die here alone
Mourning the corpse of a wish
And counting the things that I miss

I tried to give all that I’ve got
But I couldn’t be something I’m not
The world below silently stirs
The wind above carries the birds

I will try
To make things right

All that we made and all that you gave
Ill never, ever forget
that this hole in my heart is my heart
Is my own work of art
My self-inflicted regret
Some would say “that’s what you get”

Then I see daybreak
Sun bring me light, bring me warmth
I know its not too late
Sun bring me home, to the shore

I will try
To make things right
If I get home I swear you’ll never feel alone

Put the bridge in future tense of “if”
Keeping “now” consistent
Nice job

I really like much of this. It shows off your
beautiful falsetto voice. I wonder if this song would be better if
written in third person.
“Words crashed like waves on the shore
He should have said so much more”

It seems to me it would be better because you are telling a story
Rather than experiencing this in real time

Good song!

Nice song, good lyrics.

I think the second chorus should come in earlier and the
“daybreak” section should be a bridge
nice prosody with the ocean and the rolling sound of the music

Great song nice changes/melody and theme/imagery
sectional form should be clarified especially at the end of the chorus