The Archives – The Lyric Book “The Cultivation of a Seed/Introduction “

This is the first page of my songwriters notebook. It’s not a song just a long thought that I felt very appropriate to put at the beginning of my online archive.

The Cultivation of a seed:

Everything that our existence is founded upon is begun (begat) by one thing. Every idea, every life, every choice can be traced back to one ultimate cause, whose removal from existence would yield a different outcome than then one present. This is called “the seed”. The seed is not to be confused with a reason or reasons for which something is done, as there can be many reasons contributing to the idea of a seed. Reasons seemingly contribute, but the seed is that which cannot be preceded by any means as the cause of something, because the seed is that first thing. The seed is that which is the sole cause of something, the first domino. Physical manifestations of seeds can be seen in trees, architecutre, human lives, the development of a skill, or our planet in it’s entirety. To realize the temporary nature of everything, and to think that the things that you see before once did not exist is an enlightening experience. Nothing can have branches without first being a seed. When a seed is cultivated and grows properly, the results are nothing short of amazing. The prodigies are the results of prefectly cared and treated seeds. All marvels of human engineering are examples of a seed grown to an extreme. Suzuki’s teaching as very conducive for this type of development where concpets are learned, mastered, compounded and expressed. Things in nature share this similar quality with the endeavors of man. Massive redwoods, flowing waterfalls, and astonishing rock formations are all the results of simple occurances left over large periods of time. The only difference between man and nature is that man must make a conscious decision to develop while nature, on the other hand, will develop on it’s own without needing a mind to push it along. This man, however, just be a revalation of a symmetry of conscious and unconscious nature, and may incline one to thing that driving oneself to develop is what is natural to us as humans. Let us begin: