DAY 5 - The Chesapeake

We did it!  You did it.  You made it through.  We are at the final day of our journey.  We made it through nights of looking out the window at the night sky, memorials to those whom we've lost, heartbreak, hope and here we arrive at a sweet, nostalgic story about my younger years growing up in a small town on the edge of the Chesapeake Bay.  

If you've lived in Maryland for any amount of time, you are probably familiar with Old Bay seasoning, crab cakes, football and the gorgeous turning of the leaves in the fall.  If not, you should visit some time, it's a great place to getaway from the city. Seriously, if you ever go to Southern Maryland, have lunch at "CD Cafe" then grab a beer and dinner at "The Ruddy Duck".  Ask for Carlos and Mike, tell them you know me.  They have live music all the time.  The Ruddy Duck is the first place I ever played a paying show, it was the beginning of my history as a musician and every now and then I hop on a plane and go back there.  Maybe I'll see you there.

 What is this song about?

 Live Acoustic Performance  of "the chesapeake"



The murky waves tickling the ground

The tired warmth when the sun goes down

The innocence I lost and the friends I had found

Oh, the Chesapeake


The never ending city’s pulse

The window of a shuttle bus

I swear this won’t be the end of us

Oh, the Chesapeake


I’ve been rearranging everything I own

To try and make it feel just a little more like home


The night we went to see a full eclipse

The first time my heart had ever skipped

Under stars that envied as we kissed

Oh, the Chesapeake


Don’t grow up

Don’t grow old

Near those streams and water holes

Where the kids play along the shore




The Songwriter's Journal

I lived in Maryland on and off since I was three years old all the way up until I finally left for Los Angeles a couple years ago.  The first day I nervously shuffled off to the giant school bus with my oversized backpack filled with books, pencils and a peanut butter and jelly sandwich was in Maryland.  The first time one of my best friends and I were arguing over a soccer game and had a fist fight in my neighbors front yard...good ol' Maryland.

When my family would go to the beach my brother and I would run frantically up and down the shore and pull up all the jellyfish and throw them on shore, thinking that we could make the waters safe for swimmers if we got all of them.  There were times when my friends and I would sneak out of our houses and head down to the beach.  We would make a fire and sit around it and tell ghost stories and play guitars.  The first time in my life I ever fell in love was here.  My high school sweet heart, who was the first person I ever fell in love with lived here, too.  This song is about the hope that this place can stay the way it was, and safely hold all the memories that shaped the childhoods, friendships and love stories that happened here.  

This song is about the place that God blessed me with living as a child.  It was a great place to grow up.  I know so many wonderful, interesting people from my years there.  I wouldn’t trade it for anything.  Don't grow up, don't old.   Wherever you grew up, whatever friends you had and experiences you lived, keep those sweet memories safely inside your head and visit them often.  This is end of our first journey together and I can't tell you how grateful I am that you have come to the end of it with me.  Knowing you opened these emails, you listened and spent your time here, it makes me press onward.  And onward we will go.  We will have many more adventures.  There will be new songs, new music videos, and many, many new stories.   I hope I will meet you in person someday and until then, let's reminisce of the history behind us and the adventure in front.  

Ecclesiastes 7:8-14

Better is the end of a thing than the beginning thereof: and the patient in spirit is better than the proud in spirit.