What Happened to John Mayer?

What Happened to John Mayer?

In the past few years, you may have notice that John Mayer has disappeared from the eye of the media. Well, what happened? A few things.

You probably heard this quite a while back but he did an interview with Rolling Stone Magazine where he was being asked about his sexual preferences. He responded by saying “Well, I think my penis might be a member of the KKK”…..oh boy. So naturally, since the magazine has a VERY large amount of readers, the word got out that the innocent boy next door who just wanted to sing your body is a wonderland to young girls had a racist wiener. It didn’t go well. I actually attended his Heavier Things concert in DC and outside there were people protesting about him being a racist….literally one man was driving circles around the venue, yelling “don’t support a racist”.

So is John Mayer racist? I guess that man didn’t notice that during that tour almost his entire band was black. His friend Steve Jordan would disagree. He’s clearly not. He just got a little too comfortable in an interview and said some things that should have stayed inside, kind of like whatever he said in the second verse of “My Stupid Mouth”. So John changed up his PR strategy to a more low key one, laying off of his twitter, halting the stream of consciousness answers in interviews and being a little more private with his dating life.

More recently, he developed vocal nodes. This is a singers worst nightmare. It basically is callouses on your vocal chords from singing with improper technique. After two surgeries he had to inject botox to keep his throat relaxed to prevent further damage while he healed. He’s almost back to full steam in 2017, but he lost is falsetto and some of his power for quite a long time. His songs on Born and Raised and Paradise Valley were written in a lower range because of this. But it hasn’t stopped him from making real good music. His lyric game is strong as every and his songwriting chops get better every album.  Some of his top songs are listed here:


He’s not going to make a grand return or try to write the next huge pop hit but you can expect a lot of good music coming from him in the upcoming years now that the dust has settled on his drama.  So that’s what happened to John Mayer.

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